For the next few days I will be focusing on showcasing in detail the different options within the 2016 Yarn and Fiber Club.  Some people have said they are having a hard time choosing, and I’d hate for that to keep people from joining up.

This post will be all about the most common option – regular sock yarn.

There are six base yarns included in membership.  Each yarn will be dyed twice.  Our five classic bases plus a new additional base that has never before been offered.

Sugar Maple Sock is our most popular base.  It’s a soft and sturdy work horse fingering weight yarn that takes dye in rich, matte color.  It is made of 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon.  Yardage is approximately 425 yards per skein.

Silver Maple Sock is as soft as it is durable.  Comprised of 60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo and 10% nylon, it is softer and shinier than its Sugar Maple sister.  This yarn is as suitable for shawls as it is for socks.  425 yards per skein.

Mountain Maple Sock is a heavy fingering weight.  At 325 yards per skein, it is thick and smooshy while still being plenty of yardage for socks.  Its 100% superwash BFL content means it has tremendous strength and a hint of sheen.

Red Maple Sock is a 50/50 blend of superwash merino and tencel (a plant fiber).  It is the shiniest and drapiest of all the bases.  At 415 yards per skein, there’s plenty for a shawlette or hat and mitts set.  You can create socks with it, but the legs will not stand up as with the other bases.

White Maple Sock is 100% American and is 100% superwash merino.  It has a tight ply twist to add durability and takes color the best of all the bases.  It is a ton of fun to knit.  415 yards per skein.

Mystery Sock This base is so new it doesn’t yet have a name.  It’s a 100% American yarn made with 90% superwash targhee wool and 10% nylon.  At 460 yards per skein, this is a light fingering weight yarn.  Perfect for those slightly larger projects you’ve been wanting to knit.


The regular sock club option is our most popular for a reason.  If you love knitting socks, shawls, hats, mitts, and other smaller projects, this yarn is fun and quick-knitting.  If you’re new to HH, this is a terrific introduction to what we do.  And at only $28-$37 a month including shipping, it won’t break your budget!  Go to the club page to see how to sign up.

Tomorrow’s post will be about the Regular Worsted club option.  Be sure to check back!