photo courtesy of Rena Stevens.

Day two of our exploration of all our club options is here.  Today we’ll take a closer look at our Regular Worsted option!

Of all of the club options, this is the only one that has no newcomers, base-wise.  Our four classic worsted weight yarns are perfect for almost any project, from sweaters to winter beanies and everything in between.  Members will receive each base three times.

Green Ash Worsted – a classic worsted at 220 yards per skein.  100% superwash merino which means it’s as soft as it is easy to care for.  Perfect for gift knitting.

Black Ash Worsted – slightly lighter worsted at 300 yards per skein.  Composition is 60% merino, 40% bamboo.  It has lovely shine and drape, and is perfect for sweaters that aren’t too hot and clingy.

White Ash Worsted – a fulled single wool blend yarn.  Soft, airy, and smooshy.  It’s listed as a heavy worsted/aran weight, despite its 245 yard put up.  This yarn is ideal for felting projects and anything that has textured features.

Red Ash Worsted – 100% American, 100% targhee wool.  at 275 yards per skein, it has more yardage than standard worsteds.  It’s a classic work horse wool that you can feel good about.


Worsted yarns are well-loved for a reason.  They are warm, they are quick knitting, and they are easy on hands suffering from arthritis or overuse.  At just $27-$36 a month (including shipping), they are an affordable option for bulking up your stash. Learn more about the club and sign up here.