Dogwood Sock

Dogwood Sock

Most of us have a large quantity of sock yarn in our stashes.  Not only does the Harlot tell us that it doesn’t count as stash, but sock yarn is wonderful for so many projects and usually one skein of a colorway is all that’s needed.  Vacation yarn, splurge yarn, grabby hands yarn …. much of it is sock.

But most sock yarns are made with socks in mind; thus most are a blend of wool and nylon, sometimes with other fibers added in.  There’s nothing wrong with that, certainly, but what if your hands and heart hunger for more?  What if you’d rather knit with yak, or silk, or cashmere?

Enter the Luxury Sock Yarn club option.  This club has six yarns (you’ll get each base twice) that are as lovely as they are unique.  While not all are perfectly suited for socks, all have amazing hand and take dye beautifully.

Most of these bases are yet to be named, as they have not been carried by HH before.

Dogwood Sock – 60% SW Merino/20% Yak/20% Silk.  This heather gray yarn overdyes with delicious depth and richness.  It is soft and strong, and has a nice degree of ply twist.  Suitable for socks.

Luxe Sock 2 – 80% SW Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon.  The perfect MCN base.  The cashmere adds softness and loft to the yarn, and the SW Merino and nylon take dyes in bright and saturated shades.  Suitable for socks.

Luxe Sock 3 – 80% SW Merino/20% silk.  Nylon isn’t the only thing that strengthens a sock yarn; silk does a lovely job, as well.  The higher silk content of this yarn also adds sheen and drape, making it perfect for shawls as well.  Suitable for socks (but the legs won’t stay up as well).

Luxe sock 4 – 75% BFL/25% Silk. BFL and silk together make for incredible sheen and luster.  This heavy fingering weight yarn will show off any lace pattern while still keeping you warm.  Not suitable for socks.

Luxe sock 5 – 100% silk.  If you have never knit with an all-silk yarn yet, you are in for a treat.  Silk yarns are strong, smooth, shiny, and wonderful.  Silk also gives you the option of wearing shawls around your neck without overheating.  Not suitable for socks.

Luxe sock 6 – 100% BFL. This yarn is a light fingering and dresses out at 500 yards per skein (roughly).  BFL is a longwool and thus has excellent luster and strength.  If you are hard on your handknits, this yarn is perfect for you.  It also won’t pill easily, so it’s terrific for hard-wearing items.  Not suitable for socks (due to non-SW nature of the wool).

At $40 a month for US members, this option is an affordable way to upgrade your sock yarn stash.  You’ll get a chance to try out new bases and fibers without the risk of a pricey purchase.  Sign up here today!