New Work Surface!


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Dyeing has begun here at HH Central.  I love dyeing.  It’s one of my favorite aspects of the business.  Even more than that, I love when other people love the things I create.  It’s been a fantastic week for both!  I’ve had to order more laceweight because I sold so much of the first round.  At the beginning of April I will be making another huge order, and (hopefully) will need more then.  I also need to purchase some more superwash merino/tencel, because that stuff sells like hotcakes.  I have about 8 oz left, and it’s destined to become some more “Poetic.”

My husband was watching me skein yarn the other day and after a few minutes asked me, “isn’t that hard on your back?”  He was referring to the way I was hunched over the swift and skein winder, as my work surface is only hip high.  I replied that it was, but that it was the best I could do with what I had.  The very next day I had a beautiful new work station that suits my needs perfectly, along with a few other treasures:

New Work Bench


Even MORE shelves!

The work bench is seven feet long, three feet high, and two feet deep.  It’s tall enough so that I don’t have to lean over, long enough that I can have skein winder, swift, and ball winder all set up simultaneously, and deep enough that I can store things underneath without tripping over them.  It is, in a words, awesomesauce.  I also received a pair of shelves to hold my small bits and bobs as well as a tall set of 6 shelves to hold bigger items like my foam blocking mats and sewing machine.  Because we now need it, I also received a screen half-door so I can keep the cats out while letting the heat in.  This way I can be warm, but the cats won’t scratch  my beautiful wood pieces to shreds.  Soon my display racks will also be up in my craft room so I can comfortably store all of the yarns and fibers that need my attention (finished fibers/yarns go in plastic totes to protect them).  It goes without saying that I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful and talented husband – I realize I’m spoiled.

Sunday was sunny, so I at last managed to photograph my Mountain Climber Mitts.  I’m pleased with the pics, even though they are clearly not professionally done.  You can see the mitts, the stitch pattern, and two different size hands wearing them, which was what I needed.  Here’s a teaser:

Mountainclimber Mitts


The cowl I am going to reknit, this time with fewer ribs and possibly bigger needles.  After blocking it, I’m not pleased with the drape and feel of the fabric.  I also might do the next one out of Malabrigo Twist since I have some and it’s lovely and I want to play with it.  It’ll distract me from my Girasole which I dug out of hibernation only to have it immediately upset me.  I knit a row, then unknit it, then had to perform emergency surgery on it as my Knit Picks cable snapped and a bunch of stitches jumped off.  They are sending me new cables, but I am still not happy.  I have two repeats of chart G and the edging left.  I really need to get this finished up!


That’s all that’s going on with me … what’s new with you?




Finally, some momentum


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Yesterday I finally photographed my Mountain Climber Mitts.  The pics aren’t amazing, but they are cute and I’m pleased with them.  They still need to be photographed in the light box, but otherwise are done.  I have a half-dozen other things that need photographing, too, so hopefully that can get done this week.  I’ll add it to my to-do list.

The cowl (still unnamed) is done blocking, although I haven’t taken it off the blocking board yet.  I’m hoping that the curling edges will stop curling now that it’s blocked.  I think I may knit this pattern again but with fewer diagonal ribs and with garter ridges at top and bottom to alleviate that curl.  I have some gorgeous Malabrigo Twist I could do that in.  For that I may go up a needle size, too, because it’s a plied worsted  (the White Ash Worsted I used was a single ply).  It’d give it a better drape, too.  That pattern is in time-out until I do this.

I really need to get that mitt pattern written up.  I think I’m going to have to write it up in an email or something so I can put it in Publisher at school.  I never remember to bring the pattern to school with me to work on at lunch, and I don’t have publisher at home.  It’s getting ridiculous – why am I wasting time?

I’m almost finished processing the raw fiber I’ve purchased in the last year.  I have two alpaca fleece left. I called the fiber processing plant and she agreed to take it, even though she’s not taking new customers at this time.  It makes me wonder if there’s a market for fiber processing here, if I could get a the equipment.  Something to think about when we move to a bigger and better place, for sure.

I’m approaching my one year anniversary with the podcast.  I’d like to do something special for it, but I have no idea what.  Can anyone think of a cool idea?  I’m open to just about anything.

I listed some silk in my shop yesterday and within an hour, both braids had sold.  That’s the fastest I’ve ever sold something out of my shop.  Wow!  I’m heading to the dyepots this afternoon, and I promise more silk will be in them.  I need to order some more silk, and some more superwash merino/tencel, too.

Speaking of the shop, I’ve had a lot of awesome sales lately – thank you to everyone who is purchasing from me.  There are a lot of talented sellers out there – I’m so flattered you choose me.

I got new glasses and they are so great!  I got a smart phone too, and that’s also great.  I’m loving this week!

The only thing that would make it better?  SPRING!