Navajo-Churro Fiber, Part 2


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The cleaned N-C fiber weighed in at 37g after I took out the weird little bits that were different odd fibers (see part 1).  I lost 23g from the pre-washed and picked fleece.  That’s much more significant than I’d expected, especially considering how little lanolin I noticed.  There must have been a lot of dirt and sand in this fleece to account for the difference!

I got out my Indigo Hound Viking combs to process the N-C locks.  This fiber is exactly the type of fiber the combs were made for.  I slid several locks onto one comb, tip out:

After combing, the fiber looked much more uniform in color and crimp:

However, once I dizzed the fiber, I noticed that the combed top still had remarkable color variation.  I really enjoyed the effect.  It remains to be seen how this fiber will look spun and plied up.  I gently wound the top around itself to make little nests of fiber.  Aren’t they cute?

There was a lot less noticeable veggie matter (VM) in this top as compared to the Southdown.  The fiber wasn’t crimpy enough, I think, to hold a lot of VM within the fleece.  Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining!

After removing the waste bits from the combs, I ended up with 27g of combed top.  I lost just over 1/2 of the original weight of the fiber.  Even so, what remains is MUCH more pleasant to touch, smell, and look at than the original was.  It still feels very much like human hair and looks like a bad faded-to-gray bleach job.

Stay tuned for Part 3 – Spinning!