Navajo-Churro Fiber, Part 3


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Spinning Navajo-churro may be something many people enjoy, but I have to say that I am not one of them.  I decided to spin this very long, hairy fiber as a thicker single with low twist; I was worried that too much twist would make the ends of each fiber poke out too much, making this already prickly fiber even worse.  Above is the single, all wound up for plying.


The fiber drafted from the combed preparation fairly well, and the fibers slid past each other fairly easily.  But the feel of the fiber in my hands was very much that of over-treated hair.  It was by turns crunchy and slick.  The fibers had a pretty consistent length and diameter, as much as my hands could tell me.



It wasn’t long before I’d spun up the entire sample.  Unlike the Southdown, which likes to be spun thin, the N-C fiber enjoyed the thicker single (and I enjoyed having it out of my hands sooner).  As I plied the single ends in the opposite direction, I ended up with the 2-ply you see above.  You can really see the halo that the fiber has; even spinning it loosely, there are a lot of ends poking out.  I ended up with 34 yards, which is a third of what I got from the Navajo-Churro.  The finished yarn is interesting, but it isn’t very fun and I don’t think I’ll ever purchase an N-C fleece for my own use.


The next fiber I’ll be studying is a new one to me: Oxford!



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Perhaps this fiber is intended for rug making, not for hand knitting or crochet. It has long fiber and strength and the halo might be brushed in the finished product.

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