The Great Spindle Giveaway


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Here at Highland Handmades we’ve been experimenting with our spindles.  For a long time we’ve wanted to use hand-turned hooks, which are far superior to cup hooks in both appearance and function.  It’s taken us most of the winter, but we finally have hooks we’re proud of.   As Paul was varnishing new beginner spindles tonight he turned to me and said, “I want to give away a new spindle.  Go tell all your friends.”

Well okay then!

This is a birdseye maple spindle with a maple shaft.  The hook is hand-turned and is made of galvanized steel.  The spindle hasn’t been finished yet (we’re doing that this weekend) but will be finished in clear polyurethane to protect the wood and your fiber.  It is a heavier spindle, perfect for beginners – it weighs 69 grams or 2 and 3/8 ounces (pre finish weight; actual weight will be a bit heavier).  It’s also perfect for plying, since the spindle spins for what seems like forever.  The shaft under the whorl is 7.25″ for a total length of just under 9″ (not counting hook).  Plenty of room for your cop to nestle!  For your convenience there’s also a notch in the whorl to keep your single in place as you spin.   The whorl is from wood locally and ethically harvested from the North Maine Woods and is hand-picked for beauty and strength.

Want it?

Here’s what you need to do: Leave a comment on this post telling me that you’d like it.  Tomorrow (Feb 2oth) at noon EST I will pick a random winner and announce it on the podcast.  That person will get the spindle!  How easy is that?  CAVEAT: We’d really like to hear how you like it.  If you promise to do a review on your blog, podcast, or other internet site we’ll give you an extra entry into the drawing (this is on the honor system, since you’ll clearly have the spindle before you write the review).  Just make sure you let us know where you post the review so we can direct traffic to it.

Good luck everyone!

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*grabby hands*

I really, really want it…hee, hee! of course, I’ll shout it from the hilltops if it’s awesome, which I’m sure it will be! :)

Ive been beginner spindle shopping for a couple of weeks now and would love a chance to win this one. I would be more than happy to do a review on plurk and ravelry!

I have been wanting to try spinning. I would love a chance to get a free spindle! I will tweet, Plurk, facebook and blog about my experience trying spinning.

I’d love it! And you know I would totally pimp you out on MNY!

I have been debating whether to start spinning, so if I win this that will be a sign.

As soon as we got the rav thing together I added you to my google reader. I’m in I would love to try one of your new spindles and do a review on the blog, newsletter, twitter, facebook, ravelry group and linkedin group.

I would love to play with the spindle and would totally share about it in My Thoughts of the podcast. Plus I would get you a little more Westbound exposure. (Ok, so blatant bribe but hey I try)

That would be fabulous. So far I have been resisting spinning, but all these new podcasts are making it difficult. I could review it on Plurk and Ravelry, since I don’t blog or anything.

Oooh, how pretty. I just found out about Highland Handmades through the fiberista files via knittin’ on the fly (via round the twist, whew!) and I have been eyeing your lovely looking spindles. I don’t have a blog, but I’m more than happy to review the spindle in an applicable group on Ravelry.

I have been itching to start spinning after listening to so many knitting podcasts where they talk about spinning gorgeous fibre. I have 4 daughters who I have taught to knit and crochet – next thing to do is teach them to spin but I have to learn first!

I would love to have this spindle! I just got into spinning and would love to own a real one. I made one from some spare parts…but yours looks way better!
I just started my own video podcast this past wed! I would love to review it on my show and on my blog!
Thanks for offering this to everyone. :) Have a great day and I cant wait to hear the new show!

Oooh – I really want to learn how to spin and hope to take a class at Knit Nation. This way I would be ready, armed and possibly quite dangerous!

By the way, I should have said I will happily post all photos of my efforts should I be lucky enough!

I absolutely adore the look of your spindles and the pretty birdseye maple of this one is so pretty. I promise to brag about it on my blog and facebook, and if it really spins for a long time, I may even show it off at stitches South in a few months in Atlanta.

You know I’m in serious need of a plying spindle!

C’mon random number generator! (LOL)

That looks great!

Pretty! I envy serious handcrafters!

I would like it please. I’m just learning to spindle and it looks amazingly beautiful!

What a gorgeous spindle! I’m attempting to learn to spin and that would be a great spindle for a beginner like me.

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