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Just in time for … well, okay, spring.  But look!  A new pattern is available from Highland Handmades Designs.  This highly cabled mitten pattern creates a snug, thick, cozy pair of mittens perfect for holiday gifting (or for yourself!).  And at only $3 for the pattern, looking good won’t cost you much.  Cables are both […]

Miniskeins are fun, wee little things that routinely slay me with their adorableness.  But as I’m not a fan of the sock yarn blanket, I’m always at a loss for what to make with them.  Since I’ll be putting up some mini kits in tomorrow’s update (sock weight and worsted weight packs of ten minis […]

Most of us have a large quantity of sock yarn in our stashes.  Not only does the Harlot tell us that it doesn’t count as stash, but sock yarn is wonderful for so many projects and usually one skein of a colorway is all that’s needed.  Vacation yarn, splurge yarn, grabby hands yarn …. much […]

  Ahhh, natural fiber. Is there anything better than seeing the variety and variation within the world’s naturally occurring fleece? I can’t think of much, that’s for sure. This club option explores the full range of fiber colors.  Each month a different shade of undyed fiber will arrive at your home, begging for you to […]

With twelve distinct fibers running the gamut from hearty to fine, the regular fiber club offers the widest array of bases from which to choose.  Every single month will yield a different fiber!  Some will be superwash (non-felting), others will be left closer to their natural state.  Each will be dyed in the month’s colorway, […]

Day two of our exploration of all our club options is here.  Today we’ll take a closer look at our Regular Worsted option! Of all of the club options, this is the only one that has no newcomers, base-wise.  Our four classic worsted weight yarns are perfect for almost any project, from sweaters to winter […]

  For the next few days I will be focusing on showcasing in detail the different options within the 2016 Yarn and Fiber Club.  Some people have said they are having a hard time choosing, and I’d hate for that to keep people from joining up. This post will be all about the most common […]